This is an International Symposium that will take place in parallel with the XVI Congreso de la Asociación Española de Teledetección (XVI Meeting of the Spanish Remote Sensing Association) in Seville, Spain. It pretends to become an interdisciplinary meeting for wetland scientists interested in RS as well as RS expert doing their research in wetlands.

Wetlands are fragile and dynamic ecosystems sensitive to changes in climate and land-use, and rich in biodiversity. For centuries they were considered to have little or no value, and most have been drained or transformed. In 1971 the first international convention for the protection of Wetlands, the Ramsar Convention, was signed to promote their conservation and sustainable use. Now it is recognized that wetlands provide fundamental ecosystem services, such as water regulation, filtering and purification, as well as scientific, cultural, and recreational values. Wetlands constitute an extensive array of ecosystems ranging from lakes and rivers to marshes and tidal flats. An increasing number of wetlands have some kind of legal protection, and many wetlands are monitored and actively managed.

This confence constitutes an international interdisciplinary forum for wetland scientist and remote sensing experts to discuss scientific findings. Pretends to facilitate contact and exchange of ideas between wetland ecologists interested in RS techniques and RS experts, inn a interdisciplinary manner.

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